Corporate Housing & Meeting Planning Services

OnTheMove Corporate Housing specializes in Locating the Right Accommodations; from suite hotels and furnished apartments to privately owned condos and executive level homes. You tell us what you need, and one of our qualified Housing Directors will start your search, right away. We have developed solid alliances with brand name chain hotels, reputable corporate housing companies, as well as a number of property managers and home owners. The best part is our service is FREE to you, as we receive a placement fee from the hotel or owner that you choose.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets OnTheMove apart from other corporate housing companies? Most corporate housing companies only offer few pricing options, and limited types of temporary housing. Because OnTheMove has established numerous relationships with private home owners, property managers & global hotel contacts, we are proud to offer a myriad of temporary lodging choices.

Looking for a luxurious executive home or perhaps a beachfront bungalow? We can help you with that. Maybe you only need a cost effective suite hotel. We can help there, too. Bringing your cat or dog? We offer pet friendly homes & hotels.

Pretty much, if it requires a pillow, we do our best to find it for you. OnTheMove also does our best to stay within your budget, which in today's financial crunch is much more challenging than ever. Plus, the OnTheMove team, are all seasoned in the hospitality industry. We know that you have plenty of other things to take care of, so let us do what we know best.

Afterall, we have over 50 years of combined service with corporate housing & hotels.